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tv   Today  NBC  December 27, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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♪ ♪ hey, i wonder why they're chasing that rig. i don't know; we better check and find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, that's john medford in that rig. i don't recognize the men with him. they just seem to be talking. maybe it isn't any of our business after all. why don't you leave me alone, dude? i told you before: i don't want anything to do with you.
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why johnny boy, is that any way to treat old friends? ha! i just stopped by to have a friendly chat with you. might be very interesting if the president of the mineral city bank were to know that his most trusted casheer, john medford, is really john merideth, a jailbird and a murderer. i paid for the mistake, dude, and made a fresh start. heh. oh, johnny boy. you wouldn't want anything to happen to that nice little wife or kid of yours, would you? would you?! alright, what do you want? you already know that. this visit is just to make sure. have that bank vault open for us tomorrow when we come in. i won't do it, dude! you won't do it? well this is a sample of what you'll get if you don't. ♪ hey, what's going on here?! you keep out of this!
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oh no you don't, stranger! ♪ ♪ ♪ now john, maybe you can tell me what this is all about. ♪ just a misunderstanding. a personal matter. why don't you keep your nose out of things that don't concern you? maybe i made a mistake. i guess maybe you did, and i aim to correct it later. this doesn't change things any between us.
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♪ who were those men, and why were they after you? i'd rather not talk about it. i appreciate your help, and it's not important, really. ♪ ♪
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i'm sorry the baby was asl
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you and john must really be happy with a nice little daughter like that. oh, we are. everything's just perfect. i saw john yesterday; he seemed to be worried about something. is there anything wrong? well... no, i don't think so. i thought maybe i could help if anything was wrong. well thanks roy, but i think you got the wrong impression. well tell john i dropped by to say hello. i will, and you come back again. thanks! say, saw that new herd of yours, cam. mighty fine bunch of cattle. they sure are. see ya next week. just relax, everybody, and you don't get hurt. get your hands up! you can't just walk in here like this! can't we?! get to work. ♪ just a minute, mister. are you following me? who, me? yes, you,
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and i don't exactly take to that. oh, mister, you're mistaken. i never follow anybody. nevermind that. i just wanted to go in the bank, that's all. i'm gonna straighten you out about something. ♪ ♪ come on. hurry up. we haven't gotten all day. ♪ ♪ come on! hurry it up in there! ♪ ♪ hurry up! we gotta get out of here! alright, i'm coming! sorry, dan. i tell ya for the millionth time, i haven't been following you! you shouldn't get so hot under the collar, mister. you better cool off.
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help hey, sid, let's get out of here! ♪ help! help! who turned out the lights?! where am i? in a tunnel? the bank's been held up! ♪ ♪ just a cotton-picking minute, bullet! can't you trail them an easier way? what, you think nelliebelle is a mountain goat? well pat, i thought nelliebelle could go any place. well don't you ever worry. they ain't nobody out-trail nelliebelle yet. here comes sid. and he's in a hurry.
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there's a posse coming. you must have been trailed here. how could they? they got that dog of rogers's with them. rogers, huh? gather up this money. we'll give them a nice warm welcome. there are the horses. they must be inside. stay here, bullet. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're just wasting good ammunition. if we can keep them away from their horses, we got them pinned down. maybe, but if they can hold us off till dark, they'll make a break for it. ♪
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where you going, roy? keep 'em busy! pat, you're an old tank driver. head nelliebelle right straight for the cabin! wow, this reminds me of the battle of the bulge! ♪ ♪ ♪ let's close in on them, men! they're closing in on us. sid -- trap door! turkey, you're last.
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throw those shells in the fire just before you follow us. ♪ ♪ ♪ sounds like a battery of guns. ya!
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let him clean us out and get away. why? i don't know; i just couldn't. this is a breach of trust and looks very suspicious. either that or you're a coward, john. which is it? in any case -- if you can't protect the interests of this bank, you're not worthy of a position of trust here. but mr. prescott, my job...! you're through! get out. ♪ ♪ they trace them yet, roy? we trailed them to their hideout, but they got away. roy seems to think they're the same men that stopped you the other day. it kinda looks like you were working with them. we don't want to turn you over to the sheriff unless you've done something wrong. but you know those men. now who are they? i guess i should have told you before. i know them
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as dude dalheart and cherokee tim. there's another one they call sid. they got some kind of a hold on you. yes. i killed a man once, back in kansas. my name was marideth then. how did it happen? man was responsible for the death of my sister. she killed herself. i went out of my head, i guess. i hunted him down and shot it out with him. did you stand trial for it? i was convicted of manslaughter and served ten years in prison. oh, so you're not wanted for any kind of a crime now? no. when i got out i came west. changed my name and married. i have a home, a wife, and a child. i built a good life here, until dude dalhart came along. ... and threatened to expose you as an ex-convict, huh? it would disgrace my wife and baby and tear down everything i built for them here. that explains a lot of things, john. even so, i meant to stop the hold-up, but i kept seeing the man i killed before and i couldn't shoot dude. i couldn't kill again. now they think i'm a coward... and worse. there's one way you can make up for all that, john. how? tell us where we can find dalhart
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and his men. but i don't know that. even if i could help capture them, they'd still expose me. that doesn't matter now! you've paid for any crime you committed in the past. ... alright. i'll do whatever you want. but i don't know where they are. you'd better stick close to home until we get a lead on them. ♪ ♪ ♪ relax; it's only medford. mary! john, dear...! welcome home, johnny boy. john... pull up a chair; relax. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come on, bullet. thank you. come back. you know, dale, sometimes i get fed up with scrubbing these floors and washing on those dirty dishes. i was meant for better thing. an executive type, for instance, where i sit with my feet up on a desk and... well, you certainly look like a merry little ray of sunshine. i just saw john medford loading a lot of provisions in that buggy of his. he avoided seeing me. roy, you don't think dude and his men are hiding out at the medford home, do you? yes, i do. and i should tell the sheriff about it you can't do that, roy! they're probably holding mary and that baby prisoners in their own home. yeah, if we take the sheriff out there somebody's liable to get hurt. well we don't want that to happen. no... say i've got an idea!
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why don't i go out there and pay a little social call on mary? but you can't go out there alone! well it's a cinch that neither one of you can go. and besides, what looks more innocent than one woman paying a call on another. and you two could be watching from outside! oh dale... too much could happen if that gang is there. i could find that out, and without giving it away. and if mary doesn't let me in, we'd know! now listen, you stay out of this! i'll figure some other way. dale! where you going? well hello, mary! gee, it's been so long, i just had to come see you and the baby. how's johnny? oh, he isn't here right now. i don't feel very well. oh, that's too bad. i was out riding the other day and i saw john. he looked just fine. my, aren't you lucky to have such a wonderful little baby? it's a girl, isn't it? yes, she's asleep right now. oh, gee, that's too bad. i wanted to see her. i'd be quiet.
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just quiet as a mouse. well... she's been so cross lately. why don't you come back another time? oh, isn't that the baby now? no, no, she's she's sound asleep. shut up, you bawlng brat! well it is! the little darling's waking up. i've just got to see her. no! i... i'll see how she is. you wait here.
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there there honey. it's alright. dude and his gang must her in the house. hey. medford's coming back. hey, if he goes in there he's liable to mess things up for dale. we'll head him off before he gets there. what are you doing there? alright, get back in that closet. go on! a shot! he heard it, too. let's go.
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let's get out of here. hold it! drop those guns and back up against the wall. mary! mary! rogers, whether johnny lives or dies depends on you. drop your gun. don't try to follow us. remember the gun in johnny's back. get the horses, sid! dale! dale, you alright? yeah, we're alright, roy. what have you done to my wife and baby, dude? are they alright? don't come any closer, rogers. i'll let him have it. if you've done anything to my wife and baby, i'll get you, dude. i'll follow you no matter where you go. son of a...! i'll kill ya! do you hear me? shut up, johnny boy. nothing's happened to your wife and kid. but you double crossed us, johnny, and something's going to happen to you.
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♪ trigger! ♪ hey, phinneas! ♪ mary, you and the baby alright? here, take this. one of them is still in the closet. the bank money's here. i'll be able to return it in the morning. ♪ the bank money's here. i'll be able to return it in the ♪orning. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, dude. you're about to start paying for all the trouble you've caused. get going. ♪ ♪ ♪ dale, what are we going to do with you taking chances like that? oh, that was no chance roy. i knew you'd be around when the trouble started to take care of things. supposing i hadn't had made it? go on, dude.
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you're the funny man that got your enjoys dunkin' me like a donut, aren't ya? well i'm-a fixing to get my enjoys now. come on, boy. ha ha! john, i think it's wonderful that mr. prescott retird and made you the manager. thank you, dale. congratulations, johnny, or maybe i should say, "mr. medford." yes! roy i'll never be able to thank you enough. it'll always be johnny to you and dale. that suit...! what in the world are you dressed like that for? no more washing floors and scrubbing dishes, dale. like i said: i'm fed up with that mopping and scrubbing. i came to take that new job. that new custodian position that mr. medford offered me. where's my office, john? right over there, pat.
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♪ ♪ pat brady, chief custodian. ha ha... ah. ha ha ha ha ♪ happy trails to you ♪ until we meet again ♪ happy trails to you ♪ keep smiling until then ♪ happy trails to you ♪ until we meet again
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♪ ♪the lone ranger ♪ ♪ hi ho ♪silver ♪a firey horse with the speed of light a cloud of dust and a hearty hi ho ♪ ♪silver. the lone ranger ♪ ♪ ♪ shots i heard came from somewhere around here tonto. look kimosabe. blood. tonto listen. there,
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man calling. he's injured. don't be afraid, we're friends. thanks. i'm jason, express agent. it's no use, they got me good. did you see who did this? three outlaws, lew slade, sam kirk and rufe watson. them after money? gold shipment. on way to express office. did they get the gold jason? no i held them off while driver and wagon got away. i've seen watson before. can you describe the other two? one a big man, with... too late kimosabe. him gone now. poor fellow he didn't have a chance.
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one man against three. we go after them? yes tonto. ♪ ♪ man riding fast. maybe that one of them. it's watson tonto, he's seen us. come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ what are you chasing me for? i didn't get any of that hold up money. i know you didn't, neiter did slade or kirk, the three of you killed a man on the law wants you for that. you mean that express messenger died? somebody aim too good, bullet hit heart. an innocent man gave his life to break up that robbery. i'm going to bring the three of you in if it's the last thing i do. where did you leave your accomplices? back at the cross roads.
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we figured it would be better for the three of us to split up. you're meeting them again some place? where? i don't know. tonto it seems this fellow wants to take the full blame, we'll turn him over to the sheriff. hey wait a minute. i'll tell you the truth. we was gonna meet in clarksville. we figured nobody would know us there. how long ago did you split up? oh three hours maybe four. that's the truth mister, i was gonna get some money there and head for the border. get some money? you mean steal some, don't you? tonto we'll take this fellow back and then go after those other two. me hear name of clarksville before. somebody famous live there? yes tonto, somebody very famous, billie bannion the town barber. town barber? what barber do to be famous? billy has a reputation of being the bravest barber in the state. just as handy with guns as with scissors. if kirk and slade tango with billy there will be plenty of trouble. now get going. hey what are you trying to do to me?
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i just aim to please now sit back. if it's any comfort to you i won't be cutting your throat after next week. what do you mean? you can buy my shop and have it just for the asking. oh billie you're joking, you can't quit barbering. didn't you just say that a female woman shouldn't be cutting whiskers. you know i wasn't referring to you. why you quitting barbering? what are you going to do? well, i got a hankering to be a lady for a change. a lady? you? you think i can't? nobody ever thinks on you as being a lady billie, a female maybe but a lady? never. well they'll just have to change their thinking 'cause i'm leaving for saint louis next week. it won't work billie, you're one of us. a rootin' tootin' two gun gal that's born to the west. and you wouldn't be happy no due place like saint louis. besides, it takes big money to live like a lady. what do you think i've been saving my money for all these years? i got big money right in my safe in there. you've got a lot of other people's
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money in that safe too. and if you leave where are they gonna keep it? ain't no bank in this town. you're the only one that's fast enough on the trigger to guard it for us. well you'll just have to guard it yourself, i'm gonna be a lady i tell ya. oh that'll be forty cents. alright but take it easy. can you change a twenty dollar gold piece? i can change any chicken feed you got on ya. wait here. where's the barber? next room, back in a minute. hey you, barber, get out here. i ain't got all day. if i was you stranger i wouldn't talk like that to our barber. billie don't take it kindly. well you're not me and i don't care whether he takes it kindly or not. hey you? i said to hurry it up. hold your horses mister.
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here joe, here's your change. thanks billie. seems like you're in a all fine hurry to get your hair cut mister. quit your blabbing woman and tell the barber to get out here and to go to work. well the barber is out and i'm going to work on you right now. lady barber? get away from me. no fool woman's gonna cut my hair. i don't like the way you said that. now you get out of here and quick. why don't you stick to your knitting? leave a man's job to a man. 'cause some women can do it better. like what for instance? like tanning the hyde of an hombre that's too sassy for his own good. now get. i don't take no orders from no hatchet fake female. this goes for you and your shop and your orders. why you honory pole cat you... hey! cut it out! quit will ya? that'll teach you who is the better man. oh a sniveling side winder huh? you lucky i only skinned your arm, next time i won't be so easy on ya. pick up your
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pop gun. get your carcus out of here. and don't come back. listen joe you go out there and keep an eye on him and let me know if he's got any friends in town. sure thing billie.
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awful wallop. oh it's you. when did you
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get into town? this morning. been nosing around. anybody ask you any questions? of course not. the trouble is with you, you can't help looking suspicious. here. wear this badge i stole. come on let's get out of here. i tell you i'm worried. why should rufe take any longer than us getting here? you think he run into some trouble? yeah and blabbed about where he was meeting us. rufe wouldn't do a thing like that. i don't trust anyone. we got to get out of here. with what we're dead broke. if we only had gotten away with that gold shipment. if's don't count. we got to get our hands on some money some other way. i suppose you've got an idea? that's right. a good one. why there isn't even a bank in this hick town. why yes there is. you're crazy, where? about ten yards from where you were sitting before. talk sense will you? told you i've been nosing around. this town thinks a lot of that lady barber, they'll tell you anything you want to know about her.there is nothing i want
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to know about that old she cat. not even that she's got the whole town's money, just waiting for us to take it? her? where? a safe in a back room. safe? that's right. and you the best little safe opener in the whole territory. she can out draw us both. there won't be any gun play. tell me now, don't you think my beard needs a little trimming? what do you mean by that? plenty. here's what we're gonna do. there you are hank, you look like a regular dude now. can't nobody give me a hair cut as good as you billie and that new hair tonic of yours sure smells sweet. you know i thought you'd like that, you know folks tell me they can wiff that clean across the street. well see you again next week billie. hi. hi joe. billie, you was right. now take it easy joe. right about what?
7:41 am
that no good hombre that got fresh with you. oh you mean he's got friends? yeah, fellow with a big thick beard, i never seen him before. they was holding a mighty secret pow wow. find out what they was cooking up? trouble. they're planning to rob you billie. rob me? why there ain't a man living that can do that. but there's two of them billie. only two of them? well it ain't quite a fair fight. did you find out what their plan is? i heard some of it, the big one, the fellow with the beard, he's coming in and asking you to trim his whiskers. then while you're doing it, the other one sneaks in the back room and opens your safe. oh i see, when i go after one of 'em, the other one is gonna get the drop on me from the rear. that's it billie. don't you want me to stand by in case you need me? no thanks joe. you go down and tell that sheriff to get that jail ready for a couple of crooks. sure will. so a bearded man's coming in here and ask me to do some cutting? well i'll do some cutting. it won't be on his beard.
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♪ ♪ clarksville is just through those trees tonto. best place to look for slade and kirk? that's hard to say, they could be hiding in town or outside of it. the description we have of those two doesn't help much. they may be hard to recognize. them been on road many days, riding fast. no time shave or clean. maybe them look plenty suspicious when them reach town? that's just what i was thinking tonto. where's the first place they'd head to change their looks? a barber shop. you want me go there now? ask lady barber if her see any suspicious characters. no tonto. i've heard so much about this fabulous billie bannion, i would like a look at her myself. i'll ride in with you. you go to barder shop in mask, then whole town maybe think you bandit. don't worry tonto, i'll wear a disguise. let's see... i could go as a rugged old indian scout. with a long mustache and a full beard that needs a cutting. i reckon i could ask the lady barber for a trimming.
7:43 am
without her or anyone in town getting suspicious. but if lady barber plenty smart, her sure to see through your disguise. i realize that tonto. but if i have to i'll explain to billie the real reason why i'm there. me understand kimosabe. me help make you look enough like indian scout so you'll fool even tonto.
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7:45 am
you got it straight now? yeah i got it straight. as soon as you go inside, i sneak around to the side and crawl through the window. that's right. now keep
7:46 am
it as quiet as you can. but if she does hear, i'll have my gun on her before she can make a move. how do i look tonto? like old time scout kimosabe. you fool whole town. i hope you're right. you look around town, see if you can pick up any trace of slade and kirk. me meet you back here, me hear lady barber plenty rugged. you not let her cut too much or her get suspicious. don't worry tonto, i'll just get a trim. be careful. let's go. hey wait a minute. looks like somebody beat us to it. reckon you could give me a little trim? my whiskers is spouting like weeds ma'am and say up to about here? why sure mister climb in, i'll fix you up good. take your hat off. never mind the hat, i'm keeping it on. you're new in this town ain't ya? yep. that's right. just got in.
7:47 am
what's your trade? might say i am a hunter. hunter huh? that's mighty interesting. when you do your hunting do you usually wear a mask? mask? what do you mean ma'am? well most people wouldn't notice it, but it's a barber's business to study faces and yours is mighty tan except for around the eyes. and that's the outline of a mask mister, an outlaws mask. hold on ma'am. don't move or i'll cut your gut, i know all about your little scheme to rob me. look ms. bannion i am no outlaw and i didn't come here to rob you. oh so you even used a fake voice on me? i ought to do away with you right now. i'm not who you think i am ms. bannion. and i suppose you're not working with a friend? yes... and i suppose he's not due here in a little while like you told him to? he's coming here but only to help... shut up. i have heard all i want out of you and when
7:48 am
your friends sneaks in that back room, i'm gonna let you have it first and then him, and nothing you say will change my mind. your friends a little late ain't he? i take it back, he's right on time. you in there come out with you hands up or i'll put a bullet through your friends head. stay where you are tonto. the first time i was ever tricked by a man and he got away with it. kimosabe what happened? seems that ms. bannion was expecting unwelcome visitors tonto and mistook us for them. oh so there's an indian mixed up in it too? where's that other no good hombre that i threw out of here this morning? what she mean? oh don't play possum with me you honory pole cats. i know why you're here and you can kill me and i won't tell you the combination to my safe. we don't want to rob your safe ms. bannion. all we want is some information. well that's a mighty
7:49 am
pretty speech mister. how can i believe you? you got any way of proving it? yes ma'am. just one way. here's your gun. would i give it back to you if i expected to rob you? well i'll be durn. now will you tell us who you were expecting? well i don't know rightly mister but i had a warning that a bearded man and another hombre was coming here to hold me up. then maybe they're still planning too. and if they're the ones that tonto and i are after i would like to get a confession out of at least one of them. you think there is a way of doing that mister? there a way of trying to do it. ♪ come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ howdy ma'am. reckon you've got time to trim
7:50 am
the whiskers of an old galute whose been out prospecting for the past six months? why sure send him in. i mean me ma'am. well say you could use a trimming. climb in mister. thank you. ♪ you not make noise. we know your plan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonto what happened? head hit rock. lew get scared, run off. head clear now.
7:51 am
can't let him get away, go after him, bring him back. what about other one? i'll take care of him. i'll give him a few minutes to get settled in there. me be back fast. ♪
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7:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:54 am
there's nothing like making sure indian. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you got a mighty fine bushel of weed here mister. say friend you're mighty fidgety. i'm not used to sitting still for so long. say did you hear something in there? no lady you're just imagining things. no i'm not. i heard somebody trying to sneak in my back room. stay where you are. drop that gun. i've got it covered lew, get to look in that safe. yeah. well don't take all day about it. say who are you anyway? i'm a man who takes what
7:55 am
he wants, even if he has to kill to get it. oh you don't say, then you must be one of them sneaking coyotes that held up the express wagon on east land and killed the agent? that's right lady. i shot 'em. and you'll get some of the same medicine if you make one funny move. what's the matter lew, can't you open it? you must be slipping. get in there you. ♪ ♪ get 'em mister! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nice work mister! say i'm sure glad you warned me about that mask of yours. you know you look mighty different without that beard. say, you are that same hombre ain't ya? reckon you could give
7:56 am
me a little trim? kimosabe? me glad you alright. me get other one, him out cold. good work tonto. with that confession kirk made we have a clear case of murder against the two of them. thanks to you ma'am. it weren't nothing. i like to see honory crooks put behind bars. billie? hey billie? excuse m m certainly. hey billie? oh stop your cattle wallering. i've been telling folks you was planning to leave town bille and they're holding a mass meetng to stop you. they say we just can't get along without you. won't you change your mind? well after all the fun i've had today, i guess i'll have to. you know like you said joe, i'm a two gun gal. and if i go to saint louis, why i just naturally couldn't stand the quiet. say, didn't i send you to see the sheriff? i just now located him billie. he's coming right over and catching them two killers when they try to hold you up. well
7:57 am
you durn no fool they've already been caught. what, you mean you've done it all by yourself? oh of course not...these two here. why they're gone. who's gone? why that masked man and that indian. a masked man you say? why i hear tale of him. they say he always shows up when killers need catching. and you know who he is? you're durn right i know. there is only person he could be. the lone ranger. ♪hi ho silver. away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪starring june lockhart ♪hugh riley ♪john provost as timmy and of course ♪ ♪lassie ♪ come on. listen, the first thing i wanna do is... wow, hold everything one at a time. let's get squared away on whose going where so we don't wind up having to track each other down. you go first, mom. well, first of all i wanna get some yarn and then i'm going to the bonton, they have a sale on sheets. lassie and i wanna see how we can spend my quarter, we're gonna go in all the stores. well, we should have
8:00 am
planned on the whole day. my first stop is the hardware store. how about you timmy? lassie always likes to go in the pet store, that's the other way. mr. peters always gives her a biscuit, even if she doesn't buy anything. well, that sounds like a good deal, for lassie. well, now you be careful crossing the street. lassie always looks out for cars. good. well, we'll meet here in an hour so keep track of the time. we'll be here. come on, lassie. ♪ we'll go in the pet shop first. then we'll go to macdonald's, he's got lots of stuff in his store. even for five cents. wait a minute. come on, lassie. mom is gonna have a birthday soon and we've got to look for stuff for her. ♪ twelve ninety-five.
8:01 am
eight fifty? wow. a pair of white gloves would be nice, but she's already got some. i know mom would like that clock, lassie. but all i've got in my bank is two dollars and three cents. we'll think of something. maybe we could rake leaves on saturday for mr. ferguson. or maybe we could watch the cows for farmer brayson. boy wanted! that's us! hello, young man. what can i do for you? i came to ask about the job. oh, i see. i'm afraid
8:02 am
you're a little young for it son. i really had an older boy in mind. but i'm almost ten. i bet i could be a good reporter. i'll bet you could too, but i want someone to solicit subscriptions. oh, but i'd still like to have the job. i can work after school and on saturdays. what's your name, son? timmy martin, my dad's paul martin. oh, yes, you've been one of our subscribers for a long time. well my name's caldwell, i'm the editor. well if you wanna take a whack at it , i'll give you fifty cents for each six months subscription you bring in and a dollar for the yearly ones. is that alright with you? sure, mr. caldwell, thanks a lot. oh, just a minute you fellow. don't you think you ought to find out something about rates first and an order book might come in handy. yes sir. it's three dollars and a quarter for six months and six dollars by the year. i've written it down so you won't forget it. now let's see if i can come up with a
8:03 am
lead or two for ya. the anderson's dropped their subscription, maybe you can get them back. and i heard there is a new man, vance i think his name is. he just bought the old stover place. oh, that's not far from our house. i can try him first. good! now you've got something to go on. and remember, anybody that doesn't get the paper is a live prospect. i'll remember that. you know, timmy, many a star reporter began just the way you're doing. selling subscriptions. so keep your eyes and your eyes open, that way you'll develop a nose for news. yes sir, thanks a lot, mr. caldwell. thanks a lot! good luck! ♪ ♪ here i am. oh you got my new mop, good, thank you! mom, dad. i got a job. a job? when did all this happen?
8:04 am
well, lassie and i were walking along and we looked in a window and there was a sign that said boy wanted. we went in and i got the job. good for you. but boy wanted for what? to take subscriptions for the centinal. i get fifty cents if anybody takes it for six months and a whole dollar if anybody takes it for a year. that's too bad you can't start with us. we already take the paper. m ♪ come on, lassie. mr. vance? that's right. i'm timmy martin your neighbor and i'm taking subscriptions for the centinal. sorry, son. it doesn't cost much.
8:05 am
well, i don't get much time for reading. i get all my news on the radio. if you'll just try it for six months? sorry, son, but i don't want the paper. okay, mr. vance, thanks just the same.
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
beat it kid. whatever you got we don't want any. determination is half the battle. can't you understand english kid? beat it. quiet, lassie. i was here yesterday to see mr. vance. may i see him again please? i told you before, whatever you got we don't want any. i guess we better try somewhere else, lassie. eddie it's a cinch. after we crack the safe, i go on my way and you're a hero for trying to protect the co op. we'll make it look so good, nobody will dream it's an inside job. come on, lassie. i told ya i don't want any part of it. you want me to tip off your right name and let them find out about your record? take it easy, eddie. i don't wanna get rough with ya, but i've been looking all over trying to track you down.
8:09 am
and i have got to have dough. did you ever think of working for it? ha. still got a sense of humor, ain't ya eddie? look. there is a set up waiting for me out on the coast. all i'm trying to do is get there. just this one little job and i get out of your life for good. i swear it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you little weasel, what are you doing snooping around here? i didn't mean anything, honest i didn't. don't shoot, please don't shoot. quiet, lassie. it's alright. leave the kid alone he can't hurt anything. if he heard he can do plenty and i think he did. no, i didn't hear a thing. honest mister. i won't
8:10 am
tell a soul. you got no choice now, eddie, we're going ahead like i said okay? okay. as long as nothing happens to the kid or his dog. nothing's going to happen to them as long as they don't give me any trouble. and you don't. they'll stay here nice and quiet until we're all through. we'll lock them up in the wood shed. you can't do that. what do you mean i can't? i guess you better do what he says. that's right and don't get any ideas about running away and keep that dog quiet. yes sir, she'll do anything i tell her too. okay. open it up. alright in ya go. remember no funny business and keep that dog quiet. i'll come back and get ya as soon as i can. let's get going.
8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lassie, mr. vance didn't wanna do that robbery. and we gotta get out of here to stop them.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ b i wonder how timmy's getting on with mr. vance? he seems to be having a long session. it probably takes a long session, he's dealing with a tough customer. well i'm going down to take a look at the stock. will you shut off the sprinklers in about ten minutes or so? i'll tend to it. hurry up, lassie. or we'll be too late. now we're getting somewhere. stand back girl. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on, lassie, let's get out of here. maybe i ought to tell mr. caldwell, this sounds like a big story. meanwhile, you track them down.
8:15 am
♪ ♪ track 'em down, lassie. follow the car. go, hurry. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello, hello? jenny, will you get me the calverton centinal, will ya please? i'm in a hurry. centinal caldwell speaking. mr. caldwell, this is timmy martin. ah, hello timmy, you got a subscription for me?
8:16 am
no sir, but i've got a real story a big sco op. i'm at the vance farm the man you told me to come see, and there's another man here and he had a gun and he went away with mr. vance to rob the co op. i mean he's making mr. vance. oh, slower timmy. who is making who, what? i said there was a man here with a gun and he went away with mr. vance to rob the co op. he locked lassie and me up in the wood shed, we just broke out. well, timmy it's a good story no doubt about it. but the first thing you've got to learn about reporting is that the newspaper must have facts not fiction. i mean the stories have to real, you can't make them up. but i'm not making it up, honest i'm not mr. caldwell. i heard them plan the whole thing, clear as anything. if you won't believe me maybe, sheriff miller will. now timmy, suppose the sheriff went out on this wild goose chase and supposing an emergency came up while he was gone and he was really needed. how
8:17 am
would you feel then? i admire your zeal timmy but why don't you just stick to getting subscriptions, huh? now goodbye, timmy. i guess i'll have to help lassie stop that robbery myself. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, where is it? over here. ♪ it's a real old timer, eddie. this ought to be a cinch for you.
8:18 am
for me? you're the expert. go on, eddie, time's a wasting. my fingerprints will be all over it. what else, you don't think i'd leave mine do ya? what are you worrying about? you're being forced ain't ya? get it open. i don't know if i can, i'm out of practice. get going. i ain't out of practice with this gun. get going, eddie. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, jenny, well then will you keep trying? alright, fine, thank you. any luck? no, mr. vance still isn't home yet. i don't know what could be keeping timmy.
8:19 am
now if my mother had gone into a tizzy every time i was late for supper she would have been a nervous wreck by the time i was twelve. relax, remember he's an important business man now. do you suppose he's gone to the centinal? he probably did if he's got any new subscriptions. it might be worth a check. if there is anybody still at the office. jenny, uh would you rind the centinal for me please? caldwell speaking. oh, yes mrs. martin. mr. caldwell i hate to seem like a worrying mother, but have you seen anything of timmy? well all i can tell you is that he phoned in during the afternoon, i guess working for a newspaper has kindled his imagination. he said he ran into a big story out at the vance place, something about a robbery at the co op.
8:20 am
but uh timmy did go to the vance place, and mr. vance is the night man at the co op. oh, my jingle he is. i completely forgotten. oh but i still think the whole thing is extremely unlikely, mrs. martin. but i'll look into it just to be on the safe side. i'll call sheriff miller right away. alright, fine, thank you. well, mr. caldwell says that timmy phoned him about a robbery at the co op. oh, paul suppose it's true? suppose you think he's gotten himself mixed up this thing playing reporter? let's go take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:21 am
this isn't bad at all. will it not only get me out to the coast but grub stake me for quite awhile. nice going, eddie boy. like i said, once you've got the touch it never leaves you. especially with a gun in your back. ♪ let's shove off.
8:22 am
8:23 am
i'm gonna let that kid and his dog out of the shed. don't be silly eddie. i'm not catching any train. let's have the keys. now turn around. like i said, we're gonna make this look real good. get her off me.
8:24 am
help me, help me. get her off. help me. get her off me. help me. get her off me. let go, let go. get her off me. get her off before she kills me. let go. lassie, lassie, let him go, lassie. lassie let him go. ♪ thanks, sonny. on your feet, link. over by the car. there's some tow rope in the trunk timmy.
8:25 am
just turn the handle it's unlocked. okay, mr. vance. i hope you know what you're doing pal. don't forget your fingerprints are all over the safe. i'll take my chances. just don't try anything. timmy! timmy are you alright? sure, mom and i got a big story for mr. caldwell. that man tried to rob the co op. but lassie and mr. vance wouldn't let him. i'm timmy's father, you can keep an eye on him while i go phone the sheriff. that won't be necessary, he's on his way now. come on, timmy, let's go home. well, i can't go home now mom, i gotta stay here and cover everything for the centinal.
8:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ timmy i'd say you have a nose for news. you did fine and i'm proud of you. i think we can all be very proud of him. don't forget lassie had a lot to do with it. i know and roy vance knows it too. between the two of you, you saved his reputation and his future. they are going to let him stay on at the co op? well george henderson gave his word. vance has nothing to be afraid of anymore. after all what better proof could anyone want that he's really going straight? that would settle it in my book. i think the whole town feels the same way. well folks, if you'll excuse me i'll go on. i wanna write timmy's story while it's still hot. i'm sorry i didn't have any luck with subscriptions. but you did. roy vance he wanted me
8:27 am
to be sure and tell you, and i almost forgot. he signed up for a whole year. there's your dollar. gee, thanks, mr. caldwell. that's just great. i'll try the anderson's tomorrow. maybe i'll get a story there too. if ya do be sure and take lassie with ya. i sure will, mr. caldwell. you see lassie what he means is we both have a nose for news. only yours has a little more to it. ♪ ♪@ ♪ @ ♪@ ú p@h@ph@@ú40p@x )a @@ 0 é@00úúxh@@
8:28 am
8:29 am
@@@@@@ ♪ ♪happy trails to you the roy rogers show. before today's show, let's visit roy and dale's western museum in victorville, california. these great memories of hollywood and the west are apart of the cowboy legend. roy was never out of the public eye, but he made a big come back in 1976 starring in the film mackintosh and and t.j. featuring music by waylon jennings. this modern day western cast roy as a drifting ranch hand who teams up with a rebellious young boy named t.j. roy takes the boy under his wing, and lands them both jobs on a big cattle ranch in texas. now here's roy. well hi, we sure had a lot of fun making these shows. the chases, the fights, the good guys, and the bad guys were all apart of the west, and we hope you enjoy the show.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪the roy rogers show starring roy rogers ♪king of the cowoys tigger his golden palimino and dale evans queen of the west with pat brady his comical sidekick and roy's wonder dog bullet ♪ ♪ ♪ everything set? yeah ho bo's got em and he's on his way in. ready to make things look convincing? go ahead boys, it's gotta be done. wait. what did they show up now for? i don't know i didn't expect them this soon. come on finish me off we still got time.
8:31 am
come on, nitches. it's time for us to get out of here. let's take them, bullet. ♪ take him off! take him off! he'll kill me. bullet, that's enough. on your feet. alright. get up. dale, you better take that insulate into lead. right, i know he needs it or he wouldn't of phoned. don, let's get these two down to the sheriff's office. no roy wait i don't want to press charges. why not?
8:32 am
on account of ed. his condition isn't too good. i can't allow anything to excite him. i'll explain later. oh maybe you're right. you two get on your horses and keep going and get clear out of this terriorty. ♪ ♪ now don, would you mind telling me what this is all about? no but i'd like to get cleaned up before ed finds out there been some trouble. roy! what's the problem? something's happened to ed. read that. oh i don't feel so good. well maybe you're hurt worse than you think you are. read that. we've got ed bailey. if you want him back, it will cost 5,000 dollars. we'll tell you where to deliever it in 24 hours. we can't wait any 24 hours. ed can't live that long without insulin. don, you stay here. we'll get on his trail. no that was my boss, and oh
8:33 am
don, you're in no condition to ride. you must stay here. i'll send bullet after pat he can come back and look after him. i'll write the note. take this one. come on let me help you up on the porch. i wonder who would want to kidnap ed sick as he was. i don't know, but i'm sure going to find out. bullet. come on bullet take this to pat boy. take it to pat take it to pat boy. pat will be along pretty soon ♪ ♪
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
step close, bishop.. now wait a minute. what is this? roy rogers rode in while we were beating up wallace. he may be suspecious and be on our trail. drive ahead. we will talk on the way. i'll send palmer right out. ♪ palmer?
8:37 am
palmer. what's the matter? where's the old man? he's outside. why didn't you bring him in? it's not safe to hide him here. i want you to drive him on up to green horns barn. why me? what about hobo? hobo's running on into mineral city and getting himself arrested. arrested? yeah i want him in jail overnight. that may give him an alibi in case somebody was on his trail just now. did something happen? did he run into trouble? don't ask so many questions. just hurry it up. we can't afford delays ♪ ♪ oh shakes i've been bit by a snake. oh it's you bullet well go on, beat it. practice being a coyte on somebody else. my legs is sensitive. oh this is probably another one of them drippy love notes from one of my many admirers. you know bullet, you gotta quit hanging around these girls. these love notes give me the goosebumps. haha
8:38 am
hey this is from roy and dale. kidnappers got ed bailey and hurt don wallace, we're on the trail. will you come out and look? kidnappers hurt don wallace. we're on the trail. will you come out and look? come on bullet. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey squirty just a minute. you mean me? yeah i'm in the mood for a ride and i'm aiming to have one. well it sure is a nice day for it. haha sure is and i'm going with you in this air conditioned junkie. now just a cotton picking minute, you can't talk that way about
8:39 am
nellybelly, and besides that you ain't going with me because i got business to do. listen squiddy i said i'm having a ride. that a boy bullet. teach him some manners. call him off. i've had enough. okay bullet thats enough. you heard what the man said. come on i know when i'm licked. i won't give you no more trouble. well if i had more time i'd take you to the sheriff and have you arrested for molesting a peaceful citizen. what's the matter you afraid to take me in? even with that dog, you afraid to take me in? ♪ ♪ ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
that stuff smells pret hey fisher, they're here. look out there. hey roy those two riders turned off here, and it looks like the buckboard went on straight ahead. you go on back to the stove. we're gonna make it look like nothing is wrong in case they come in.
8:43 am
they must of been traveling together and they stopped here together. well shouldn't we go in here? no old ed's probably in that buck board, and we can't waste any time. it's alright, they've gone on. come on. let's eat. hey dale, maybe we better take a look in that cabin. old ed might be in there. right hey, sounds like we got more company. wallace, what the devil is he doing coming here? ♪ hey look dale. don wallace. yeah evidently he wasn't hurt as bad as we thought.
8:44 am
you know better than to come here. roy rogers is on our trail. he may have seen you. if he has, we are in trouble. i know he is on your trail i came here to warn ya. suppose he breaks in and finds the old man. the old man's not here. we sent him up to green horn's barn. you better get back up to the ranch and wait till rogers calls on you. suppose he doesn't? he will. he knows the old man will die if he doesn't get his medicine every six hours. now listen, when rogers does get there you persuade him to talk to the bank into letting you have 5,000 of the old man's money for the ransom. look this deal better go through otherwise i go to jail for embezzlement instead of inheriting the old man's mone.y roy let's go inside every minute counts now. we will have to take it easy, dale. the old man can't stand excitement let's move in. ♪ come over here, sit down, stop your worrying, will ya? but i gotta get that money. then billy can die and everything will be alright. you'll get the money alright, and by the time you do, the old man will be dead. we'll put his body on the trail beside his ranch. that way it will look like a natural death.
8:45 am
♪ ♪ i couldn't see old ed, but we want to make sure before we leave here. how? you go around back, and stir up a racket. be sure to stay out of sight. ♪ ♪ what was that? let's take a look. you stay here fisher. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:46 am
hault. where's ed bailey? i don't know. come on, where is he? i don't know. get over there. outside take that horse. hurry. ♪ ♪ ♪ get on that horse and stay ahead of us. fisher? he's not here. ♪ he's got fisher.
8:47 am
♪ oh you. ah ow. ha followed me, did you? some people just can't take a hint. bullet, fetch me a rope. ♪ thanks bullet. by the way you wiggle, you're worse than a wiggle worm. ♪all this way to take care of somebody and somebody ain't even here find roy's trail bullet? go get him boy. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ off your horse. dale, keep an eye on the trail in case they're following us. right. inside ♪ i ain't gonna do it. we want to get some information out of ya. what have you done with ed bailey? i don't recall ever knowing somebody by the name of ed bailey. listen stranger there's a man life at stake, and you're gonna talk. looks like we lost them. they must of turned off. we better double back. we got to stop rogers. ♪ look for the last time you're gonna talk or
8:49 am
else. alright i'll talk. he's at the green horn's barn. that's more like it, and it better be true. hey dale, bring my rope. right.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ ♪ i sure wish they'd like somewhere, bullet. roy look! we've got to get to ed. going to cut across to the barn. s galloping, gun shots>erm
8:52 am
leaving these dirty outlaws strung all over the country for me to pick up is enough to make a guy sore. get in there. rogers let's get inside. you didn't lead him here, did you? watson's on that trail. he'll take care of them alright. you better make sure the old man is almost dead. they gave me the slip. i lost them up in the rocks. we better get him out of here. yeah we will take him in that wagon outside. you boys bring him on up . what's the matter? it's rogers and that evans girls, we're gonna have a job blasting them out of those rocks. here dale take this. i got a gun. i know, but this way you won't have to reload. i want you to keep them busy from here while i slip around back and get inside. ok. but you get stay down, and don't take any chances. alright, you be careful too.
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come on roy
8:55 am
alright. keep those hands up! ♪ thanks dale. roy, one of them got away. trigger's outside. keep these two covered. ♪ on your feet. you're all through, you're heading back. ♪ ♪ you stay and watch these cotton
8:56 am
pickers, bullet. oh no, no. i ain't gonna do it. i ain' t hauling any more of these goloots in nellybelle. it's an insult to her. oh yes you are. get busy herd them up. come on! okay you two mavericks, you heard what the lady said. let's load up. you okay ed? why sure young lady, thanks to you i'll be right and good. ♪ hey roy, here comes pat and ed bailey. ♪ ♪ pat what do you got there? haha well roy would you like a box of yegs? haha all bad too haha ain't that some yolk? haha
8:57 am
haha pat... ♪ well that's all for now folks. we hope you enjoyed the show. until the next time, happy trails to you. ♪happy trails ♪to you unitl ♪we meet again happy ♪trails to you keep ♪smiling until then ♪happy trails to you ♪till we meet again ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪the lone ranger ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪a fiery horse, with a speed of light, of cloud of dust and a hearty ♪ ♪hi ho silver. the lone ranger ♪this is a story of one of the most ♪ ♪mysterious characters to appear in the early days of the west. he was a fabulous ♪ ♪individual. a man whose presence brought fear the the lawless and hope to the ♪ ♪people who wanted to make this frontier land their home. he was known as the ♪ ♪lone ranger these rich range lands, are part of the circle k ranch.
9:00 am
owner sam kittredge. biggest most prosperous ranch inm', has helped to keep it that way. but now he is dead and his young inexperienced son, bob kittredge, is returning from the east to take charge. their are ambitious men, ruthless men, who would stop at nothing to gain the circle k for their own greedy ends. wow. why you blasted farmers, i'll give you your money's worth of trouble. take it easy. the next one will have your name on it. put 'em up, pops. well, it was nice meeting
9:01 am
you, mr. devers. and thanks for all the advice. i've been living in the east so long, i feel like a regular tender. you'll learn fast, mr. kipage. like i said, you need a good farmer just ask for red devers? thanks, but i'm afraid the circle k could never get along without old batty bishop. i wonder where he is? he was suppose to meet me here. oh, here he comes. hey, mr. kipage. mr. kipage! how are ya, boy? dandy. how's everything at the circle k? well, it's all snarled up, mr. bob. that's why i'm late. we've got a form of a posse. posse? what's wrong? because i was held up by some white livered, chicken, sneaky bandit. and they got away with the ranch payroll. i don't mean to butt in mr. but this only geezer's lying to you. me and my partner both seen him this morning burying something in the sand behind your barn. looked an awful lot like a chess to us. why you ornery critter. he's lying to you mr. bob,
9:02 am
i ain't never buried no chess. of course you didn't. batty, wouldn't steal money from me. it's easy enough to find out who's lying. just go dig behind your barn. maybe you should, mr. kipage. no offense to batty here. he looks like an honest man, he should be given a chance to prove it. well, there it it...right where we saw him bury it. this just ain't true. mr. bob, i tell you i didn't put it there. it must have been one of them three bandits. that doesn't make sense old timer. never heard of bandits who would rob a man and then bury the money in his bosses property. you don't think i done it, do ya, mr. bob? what else can i think? as red tells your story, it just doesn't make sense. i'm sorry it has to end this way batty. you mean...i'm through with the circle k? oh, don't worry, i won't prosecute you. we got the money back. but i do want you off this ranch by sundown. well, if that's they was you feel about it. i'll get off right now. but i wanna tell you somethin' son, you ain't the
9:03 am
kind your paw was. if you was you would know there was some trick to this. well, red, if you still want that job as foreman, i guess it's yours. thanks, mr. kittredge. you won't be sorry. well, come on over to the ranch house, red, and i'll sign ya up. alright, mr. kittredge. for sale. circle k ranch. interested parties see red devers as foreman. red devers? unless, i'm mistaken, tonto, we've caught with our old enemy at last. me think you're right, kimosabe. him use different names. but him break law in same old way. the circle k ranch. why that's one of the finest in this county. no man in his right mind would want to sell it unless he were forced too. plenty strange.
9:04 am
ranch never for sale until red devers become foreman. not so strange, tonto. it's no accident that every time red devers becomes foreman of a ranch, it's put up for sale a few weeks later. maybe, owner of circle k outsmart red devers? i'm afraid not. young bob kittredge is intended for these parts. tear off the sign. i think we better investigate. ♪
9:05 am
9:06 am
9:07 am
kimosabe? no, tonto. i think i heard something. listen. sound come from over there. we better take a look. on, silver. well, you can't get a cent out of me, stranger, cause i'm broke. no job and i'm through. we're not gonna harm you, old timer. you certainly look down on your luck. i'd like to help you if you let me. i ain't worth helping. i tell ya, i'm all washed up. no you're not. nobody's ever washed up if they don't wanna be.
9:08 am
come on. sit down and take it easy. much obliged. mine if we pitch camp here? no, not at all. just take off your gear and make yourself at home. hey, ya know something? i kinda like you mister., mask or no mask. your fella with ya, too. go, silver. go boy. feeling better, old timer? you know a funny feel a man's belly full of grub and it makes a heap of difference don't it? tell me more about this red devers, batty. well ,he's...why are you so interested, stranger? because i know he's the leader of a gang of outlaws, tonto and i have been after for a long time. they've been moving in on rancher's all across the country. beating them up and swindling them out of their money. why, george, that wouldn't surprise me a bit.
9:09 am
ya know, ever since this fellow, red devers, took over my job as foreman of the circle k he fired all the old hands on the ranch and then he fetched in his own fellas to replace them. now he won't let no one near the place. just as same if he were holding poor mr. bob a prisoner. poor, mr. bob? yeah. thought you didn't care what happened to the circle k anymore? thought you disliked bob kittredge? i do. and anything that this red devers and his gang does to him, he deserves it. even if they force him to sell his ranch? sell the circle k? ha, mr. bob, wouldn't do a thing like that. no, sir. him do that. we find sign like this posted around town. let me see. for sale. circle k ranch. interested parties see red devers, foreman. well, what are we gonna do? why it just wouldn't be right for anyone else to own that there circle
9:10 am
k ranch. except mr. kittredge. now, nobody welcome there in that case, we'll just have to get interested in buying a ranch. not too much grey hair, tonto. this disguise has got to look good enough to fool everybody. when me finish, kimosabe, even no batty will recognize you. just so devers doesn't recognize me. that's what counts. remember, he's no fool. how you get to circle k ranch, kimosabe? silver not look like horse old man would ride. you're right, tonto. i'll need a wagon of some kind. something to fit this disguise. i'll have to wear some other clothes. me ride into town. get them for you. tonto, be sure you don't arouse any suspicion. there. me finish. lone ranger all hidden.
9:11 am
you wouldn't take a shot at a half blind old man now would ya? i just come to see about this here ranch for sale. you wouldn't take apart out of the
9:12 am
9:13 am
half old dying man now would yú it isn't for me. you see i'm representing one of the biggest ranch owners in boone county. okay, grandpa. come on in. we'll let the boss talk to ya. ah, thank ya.
9:14 am
yes, sir. well, mr. devers, i recon we just about made a deal. you can tell your boss he won't be sorry. the circle k's a fine property. i sure would like to know who you're acting as agent for. well, you see, mr. devers, my boss wants his name kept out of the deal. of course, if you aren't satisfied doing business through his agent... now don't get me wrong, grandpa. i don't care what his name is, just so his money's good. well, i recon that's about all. yep. guess i better be going now. oh, say i plum near forgot. mr. kittredge, hasn't said it's a deal yet. you don't have to worry about him. he'll find the deal satisfactory. how do i know he will? he hasn't even heard 'em. nope. can't go back to my boss and tell him this deal is settled, until mr. kittredge himself has said so. okay, grandpa, i'll see if i can get him. he hasn't been feeling so good lately. he had an accident, bruised himself up considerable. oh, i see.
9:15 am
uh, huh. not again, devers. don't beat me up again. that's just so you'll pay attention. do exactly what i tell ya. now listen. there's a buyer outside and we're going out to sell. you tell him you want to sell the ranch. poor, mr. kittredge. he sure sounds mighty sick. here's mr. kittredge for you. old boy don't feel much like talking. sorry to see you looking so poor, mr. kittredge. i told him about your offer and he agrees to all the terms. that correct, mr. kittredge? them terms satisfactory? what? oh, yes, yes, i agree. sure ya won't change your mind now? no. take the ranch, i don't care what the terms are. any old price, i just want to get rid of it.
9:16 am
poor, boy, he just wasn't cut out to be a rancher. well, you satisfied? yep. i recon i found out everything i need to know. when will you be back with the money? hmmm, let's say four days from now. my boss will bring it himself. your boss? i thought he wanted to keep his identity a secret? he does. that's why he'll be wearing a mask. a mask? it won't scare ya none now will it? he can wear whatever he wants too. just so he's got the money with him. he'll be here. goodbye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:17 am
♪ ♪ easy, big fellow. we'll be heading back to camp as soon as i get rid of these clothes and the whiskers.
9:18 am
9:19 am
♪ how about, mr. bob, did ya see him? i saw him alright. what was left of him. they've been beating the poor kid up. beating him up? and you left him there? don't worry, batty, they have to keep him in good health to sign the bill of sale. that'll give us time to get some help and go after those outlaws. well where we gonna get any help? why every rancher in this country is scared of that there red devers and his gang. then, we'll have to find some men who aren't scared. are you, batty? me? ha, not quite. what about the other old timers who use to work for the circle k? would they be scared? they are not scared of nothing. think you could
9:20 am
have them here in four days? could i? ha, i'll fetch you a whole legion of them. ♪ ♪ legion of old timers. it no work kimosabe? old timers no match for young touch men like devers men. i know it, tonto. but it's are only chance. somehow you and i have to find a way to help those old timers win. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on get on your horses, you lazy galoots, we're heading for the circle k. ♪ come on. get out of that tub if you want your job back at the circle k.
9:21 am
i'm coming. ♪ hey, curly, peewee, that circle k needs ya. you are to do exactly what he is to do. remember, young bob's like is at stake. if devers suspects anything before i get into the ranch house, he'll kill bob at the drop of a hat. give tonto and me, ten minutes head start. then, you know what to do. ♪ ♪ ♪ here he comes now. ♪ right on time. yeah and wearing a mask. just like that old coot said he would. got an indian with him, too.
9:22 am
♪ ♪ howdy, men. howdy. come along, stranger. you're expected. go on in. the boss is waiting. tonto, you wait here. i'll take care of this business as fast i can. me understand, kimosabe. you're right on time, friend. mr. kittredge here got out of his sick bed just so he can sign the bill of sale. let's make it legal. no ya don't. what is this? now look here, indian, we got nothing against you.
9:23 am
drop gun. now sit down. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ya think ya got me, don't ya? well, ya haven't. that shot i men heard. you'll be covered in this house. you'll never get out alive. kimosabe? kimosabe, you alright?
9:24 am
like i said, there's not one of you that'll get out of here alive. don't be too sure of that, devers. you ever hear of the legion of old timers? those old has beens? they no match for my boys. it's not strength that counts, devers, it's courage. not even guns will lead off this fight.
9:25 am
hey, hey, let go of me. looks like batty needs some help. bob can you take care of devers? you bet i can. we won't spoil their fun, tonto. we'll give them a helping hand without letting them know it. out the back way. ♪ ♪ ha! looks like you fellas misjudged my strength didn't ya? yeah, and you called me old. ha. yipee! where's the rest of ya coyotes? ♪ ♪ well, i guess i don't know my own
9:26 am
fighting ability. alright, men. reach up 'em up high. batty, take them over there with the others and tie them up. ha, it'll be a pleasure. you blasted ornery critters. ha, we sure showed them didn't we? come on you, get going. you too. that means you, go on. get on there. mr. devers, i've been wanting to do this for a long time hey, mr. bob! bob? hello, mr. bob. we got the hombres all rounded up. you got any orders for the day? no, batty, you give the orders. i'm not worthy too. i just wish there was some way i could reward you all. oh, it isn't rewards we want. we want just good ole plain, honest work. well, if that's all ya've got jobs the rest of your lives.
9:27 am
that goes for the masked man and the indian, too, if they want them? oh, those two fellers? well, i'm afraid they got more important things to do. wait a minute, haven't you ever heard of the lone ranger? the lone ranger? away, silver, away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:28 am
9:29 am
♪lassie ♪starring june lockhart ♪hugh riley, john provost ♪as timmy and of course lassie ♪ ♪ ♪ there. that will be as good as new now. i suppose i should be happy. now i can do some more ironing and some more ironing and some more ironing. it will be a lot easier with one that works. oh thank you for showing me the brighter side! mom, dad? we're in here dear. look what i got! isn't she beautiful?
9:30 am
yeah that's a beauty alright. and what's the story that goes with her? i traded with flip. oh and what did flip get? in return for old football and a very good baseball bat. and where did flip get the pigeon? he traded it for an old catchers mit. seems this bird's been all around without even flying. it's a homing pigeon. she's real tame. see. she doesn't even want to fly away. well she does seem content. and she already likes lassie! well looks like we've got a pigeon in the family. i should have expected it eventually. ♪ ♪
9:31 am
it also says that homing pigeons can fly at the speed of 60 miles an hour! wow! to look at pigeons you would never ever think they would be in that much of a hurry. what else does it say dad? well it also says that they can fly home from distances of up to 12 hundred miles. jiminy! 12 hundred miles? that's amazing! does it say anything else dad? but it's a little on the dark side. unfortunately homing pigeons are easy game for birds of prey. who would want to hurt a poor little pigeon? so defenseless. nobody's going to hurt your pigeon. are they girl? ♪ well, that ought to do it. it's good and sturdy too. can you put her in there now? well that's what it's
9:32 am
made for. but lets get our identification band on her first. ♪ your new home is ready. ♪ ♪ alright now hold her gently while i slip this on. there. that'll identify her for life. huh dad? that's right. you know something...i haven't even named her. well now is the time. you got any ideas? bright eyes! bright eyes! that's what i'll call her. because her eyes are so bright! well it's bright eyes from now on. you know something else? we're gonna have to train her to be a real homing pigeon. so she'll never
9:33 am
get lost. you better introduce her to her new home right now. come on. ♪ ♪ just set her on the ledge and coax her in. that's lesson number one. probably the most important. go on bright eyes. go on. go in your new home. go on bright eyes. you don't have to be afraid. she did it! she did it! hooray! i hope she likes her new home! ♪ mom? mom? can you come out and see something? i'm busy dear. is it important? ah huh! very important! alright!
9:34 am
♪ look! bright eyes does it all by herself now. why yes dear that is important. we're going to go to another part of the field today. she hasn't missed flying home once. well just be back in time for supper. we will mom! ♪ ♪ ♪ this is a new place you've never been before. we're gonna see if you can get home. just like all the other times. ♪ good luck! ♪ ♪ come on, girl.
9:35 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:36 am
9:37 am
♪ gohng on? nothing. just watching. well that's interesting.
9:38 am
anything happening? just what you see. where did that one come from? out of the blue. where they all come from i guess. ♪ you know timmy...i think bright eyes has attracted a boyfriend. yeah? ruth? ruth? what is it? look mom! something new has been added. another one? well you don't think a pretty pigeon like bright eyes is going to stay single all her life do you? what's wrong? well not isn't that just like a woman? bright eyes needs a little time to make her mind. a pigeon has to be careful selecting a mate because it's for life.
9:39 am
well it looks as though lassie has appointed herself bright eyes chaperone. hey ruth? you know how i've always wanted a bailing attachment for the tractor. yes. well there is an ad in here. a farmer in woodside wants to sell a used one. real cheap. might be worth the trouble to drive out there tomorrow and take a look at it. paul woodside's over 75 miles away. yes i know. woodside? may i go? there is no school tomorrow. i want to take bright eyes and let her fly all the way home...75 miles! you really think you should timmy? bright eyes hasn't been any further away from home than calverton. i'd think carefully about it before i did it if i were you. but bright eyes is the best homing pigeon in the world. she'll get
9:40 am
home long before we do. you'll be putting her to quite a test timmy. remember what we read? about the dangers involved. i know but she can do it dad. i know! bright eyes will fly right back to us. won't she girl? you'll be sure to watch out for bright eyes. you know she'll be home long before we will. i will be watching for her every minute. good luck bright eyes! ♪ ♪ bye. bye. bye. drive carefully. ♪ ♪ well mister you arrived a second too late.
9:41 am
your lady friend has just left for the day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're not afraid are you brght eyes? i'll bet she isn't the least bit afraid. now you remember where your home you fly straight there. don't stop for anything. no matter what. bye! see ya later! ♪ ♪ ♪
9:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ there's where we let bright eyes go.
9:46 am
why she must be halfway home by now. if not more. do you think she could have changed her mind? and not want to come home...oh i don't think she could forget the good home you made for. look at us. we're just like homing pigeons ourselves. we can't wait to get back! let's go see bright eyes. hello dear. mission accomplished? ah huh! i bought that hay bailer. it's going to be shipped here this week. bright eyes? bright eyes? bright eyes? not a sign of her yet. i must have run out to check a hundred times. that's going to be a blow to timmy.
9:47 am
bright eyes? bright eyes? come on lassie. timmy, you've just got to be brave about it. there's still a chance that bright eyes will return. i knew i shouldn't have taken her so far from home. now what's happened to all that faith? i...i lost it. well alright now you lay down and get some sleep dear. try to think that everything will be alright tomorrow. i'll try but i know it won't be easy. goodnight son.
9:48 am
goodnight dad. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lassie, i don't know why things can't be happy all the time. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
well lassie's up bright and early.
9:54 am
lassie! ♪ bright eyes! bright eyes, where have you been? what is it timmy? she's been hurt. something terrible. let me see. awe the poor creature. at least she found her way home. i knew she would. this birds wing has been badly hurt. she couldn't have flown all the way home. i've got a hunch you know girl. well i think bright eyes is going to be alright but we're gonna have to do a little doctoring first.
9:55 am
you're the best friend a fellow ever had and bright eyes knows it too. come on girl. ♪ ♪ ♪ can you make bright eyes better again dad? we're going to try timmy. very deep wound. she was attacked by an animal or by some other bird... timmy put some clean warm water in the pan. would you please?it's the disinfectant. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ will the feathers grow back again dad? i'm sure they will. poor thing. if bright eyes couldn't did she get back? i'm sure if lassie could talk she'd tell us. what do you think lassie brought her back? well there's your answer. you figure it out. but how did lassie know where bright eyes was? i'm afraid i can't answer that one. did he get in the house? we forgot all about him outside. he came in to see bright eyes. he knew we brought her in here. do you think it's possible that he found her when she was hurt? and led lassie to her?
9:57 am
incredible as it sounds i think that's exactly what happened. ♪ ♪ now bright eyes has a real family! just like us! almost! ♪ ♪ txhx té4440@@ @ús@ptépxhll@0 ú0úú
9:58 am
9:59 am
úúa@@@@ ♪ the lone ranger ♪ ♪ hi-ho silver! a fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "hi-ho silver!" the lone ranger! ♪ ♪ ♪ special dispatch for you, sheriff. must be the federal marshall in albuquerque. come in; sit down. sorry, i'm got to warn big springs. i'll see you later. so long. great scott. what's the matter?
10:00 am
ox martin's gang was last heard of headed for this territory. ox martin's gang? that could mean trouble, sheriff. i'm afraid so. you thinking the same thing i am? the stage coach left silverton early this morning headed for this way? it'd be a sitting duck for the ox martin gang. what're you gonna do? i'm gonna get out a posse to meet that stage. if i'm not too late. hey ox, here comes the stage. right on time, too. yeah, no one's riding shotgun. this should be easy. alright boys, remember what i told you to do. i don't want anything to go wrong this is an important job for all of us. alright ox. let's go. alright you, give him that box. s-sure mister, d-d-don't shoot.
10:01 am
i want that sack, too. but that's got my mail, mister. come on, give it to me! why that's united states property - they'll catch you for sure, now. go on now, get out of here. ya ya ya!!! eight hundred... nine hundred... a thousand apiece. the boss says to take your dough and beat it outta here; it's our last job together. one thousand apiece, boss. give my share to the boys. i won't need it. are you crazy, boss? you heard me. they can have the rest of this mail. we don't want anything to do with that, ox. what's the matter, you scared? not scared, but stealing mail's a federal offense. alright, you got your money, now get outta here. split that up with the boys. hey, maybe they're right, ox. there's easier ways to make money.
10:02 am
but not real money, pinky. not lots of real big money like a gold mine. i don't get you, ox. what're ya talkin about? this. i saw him mail it this morning. from sam dingle in rivertown. land claim office in desert city. why would that old prospector be sending a letter through the mail? why did he quit working all of a sudden, too? desert rats like him work till their dying day. maybe he got sick, ox. sure, yeah... he got sick alright, he got the fever. gold fever. look: the map locating the claim he wants to file. then he struck it rich. that's right. sam dingle was one of the smartest prospectors i ever heard of. i figured if anyone would find gold, he would. so that's what you've been up to. well i knew the money in this job wasn't much. you're right pinky. we're through holding up stage coaches. let's get outta here. what do we do? we'll lose them in the hills and then place to .
10:03 am
♪ ♪ you do that's right, john. held 'em up at cedar pass. have they got ox martin himself? no, they got a could of his boys. they're bringing them in now, each of them had over a thousand dollars on them. well, there's nothing for you to do now but wait for his next move. stage hald up. money box empty. yes tonto, we're hot on martin's trail. look at these footprints. martin must be operating with a whole gang. a gang too big them get caught soon. martin knows that, too. him break them up after this if him smart. he's smart alright, tonto. too smart to be satisfied dividing the money with the whole gang. unless he's after something more than money. kimosabe - that mail sack.
10:04 am
that's right, tonto. you see, the overland express company signed the government contract to carry the mail three months ago. then why martin rob mail? that's what puzzles me. martin go too far this time. yes, tonto. he's endangered the reliability and integrity of the united states governemtn postal service. kimosabe! a letter with name on it. but empty inside. that's strange. looks like the only one that's been opened. from sam dingle in river town. sent to land claims office, desert city. this was important. it's the only thing that ox martin was really after. tonto, you put the rest of the mail in the sack and take it back to the express office. me say me find it here. but don't say anything about this one yet. i'm going to sam dingle's myself. you meet me there later.
10:05 am
10:06 am
10:07 am
♪ k ke i'm doing? fixing my boots. but why? you won't have to wear them again. just because i discovered a motherlode don't mean that i have to give up walking. school starts again today. while i'm teaching class, can i trust you not to go near that horrible desert again? who said it's horrible? i'd rather be out in the desert where there's no walls and wide open spaces. than to sit here in a dog-gone chicken coop. ha ha. well as soon as you file your claim you can live here for the rest of your life in solitude. mine today? because i don't trust them, and tell them aboutr that's why. if they find out too soon, every swindler and
10:08 am
his brother will be stickin that note into my diggings, cheating an old man out of all he's got. you're not old. you're just ornery-stubborn. aw. i'm sorry, pop. i just want to see you happy. eh, you just run along to school. and i'll try to find something to do until that claim is filed. alright. goodbye. so your life has a lot of problems, hasn't it? get outta here, or i'll blow the hide off'a ya! this your letter, sam? it sure is! where'd you get it? why you thieving sidewinder. you've been robbing my mail. if i did would i be here? maybe. who are you, stranger? have you ever seen one of these before, sam? can't say i... sure! and that mask, i wore the same mask when i helped your friend nick ford out of trouble.
10:09 am
now i remember! the lone ranger. sam, do you know this man? yeah... there was dude prospector around here a few years ago. asked me a million questions how to find gold. have you seen him lately? yes, few days ago. still crazy to find gold, but too lazy to look for it. that's very interetsing, sam. look at this: ox martin. so that's his moniker. what's he got to do with that envelope? i found it near the money box of the stage coach that was held up this morning. i'm sure ox martin is the thief. how come? i think he suspects you struck it rich, sam. he robbed the united states government mail to find out about it. what do you mean? it's not hard to guess what was in that envelope. was the claim map to your gold mine, wasn't it? yeah, for forty years i've been searching for that claim. now i have lost it. there still may be time, sam. still time? how? martin has to change your claim to put his name on it.
10:10 am
that won't take long. that's right, but if you draw up a new claim i'll take it to desert city myself. if we hurry i might be able to get there ahead of him. why are you doing this for me? it's not just for you, sam. it's for everyone who places their trust in the government mail. ox martin has to be caught and punished to set an example for others who might try the same. i'm falling apart now. just give me a minute. got a piece of paper, pinky? what for, ox? i told you i had big plans for you, didn't i? yeah. i'm gonna make some copies of this claim. only this time they won't be made out to sam dingle. yeah, but you can't use your name. i don't mean to. this time they're going to be made out to one pinky nugent. well why me? because no one west of the pecos has ever heard of you, pinky. well that's why you wanted me to stick with you huh? that's right, but don't try to double cross me.
10:11 am
oh, don't worry about that, ox. here's a copy of the map you're to file. you're gonna have to ride fast. it's five miles to the claims office in desert city. i'll join you at the mine later. how will i get there? there's your copy of the mine. yeah, so i can look over my own gold mine. i'll decide your cut after we've got sam dingle out of the way and look over the mine. come in. tonto, this is mr. dingle. how. what did you find out in town? posse think gang scatter far away like wind. how about ox martin? they lose trail; him disappear. then we better be after him fast. everything all finished? here you go, and thanks a lot. sam, i'll use the old envelope. i'll get you a new one. no thanks, i'll need this one. whatever you say. tonto, i want you to go up to the gold mine. martin may show up there to claim it. i'll meet you there when i get back from desert city. i'm sure this will establish your claim.
10:12 am
dog-gone it, injun, if you're going to the mine, i'm going with you. if there's any fighting, i'm the kind of man who does his own battling. i'll write a note for my daughter. ♪ ♪ hey sheriff, where's the claims agent? wait a minute and i'll get him for you. john? there's some business out here for you. i want to register a claim. alright, sir. hey, hurry it up, can't you? that claim's legal, ain't it? oh, the claim is legal, alright. i've got to check it with the map. ah, here it is: box canyon. haven't registered any up there before. well, that's all in order. just sign your name right there. that all? that's all.
10:13 am
here's your reciept. claim is legally registered. if there's any questions, i defer... ♪ ♪ ♪ up with them, mr. masked man. i'm no bandit, i want to file a claim. well the mask got me worried. ha ha. claim looks legal enough. wait here a minute while i check it with a map. alright stranger, your game's up. we've handled claim jumpers like you before. you're a minute too late. that claim was filed just before you came in. you mean the fellow who just rode away from here? that's him, pinky nugent. he must be working with ox martin. what's martin got to do with it? he held up the stage this morning and robbed
10:14 am
the mail. how do you know it was ox? if you let me take after that fellow i can prove it to you. take it easy, stranger. lots of time. probably about ten years, at least. come on. sorry i have to do it this way, sheriff. i don't have time to explain. get in there. this won't get you your claim, mister. no but it'll keep ox martin from getting it. pinky nugent can lead me to him. inside. when you break out, sheriff, check the post mark on the envelope. you'll see it was stolen from the stage coach. let's get up a posee and catch that masked man. just a minute, john, i wanna check this envelope. what for? i've got a hunch that masked man is on the side of the law. if i know anything, eh, not a thing. say, wait a minute. did he say the stage was held up and the mail was robbed? let's see that.
10:15 am
that's what he's trying to tell us. what's that? the stamp! the cancelled stamp! i don't get you. that cancelation carries yesterday's date. that letter was on the silver town stage coach. i see! if the stage hadn't have been robbed dingle's claim would have arrived here first. exactly! i thought that pinky nugent was awful nervous about something. i'm getitng up a posse to get pinky nugent and ox martin. dad i'm, home.
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm so sorry. that's alright, ma'am. i'm from the land claims office. checking up on a mine claim. but right now i'm afraid i'm lost. well my father filed a claim for his mine out here. i'm peggy dingle. well this is a coincidence: i'm checking this very claim you sent me. we're both going in the same direction. just follow me. thank you, ma'am. see anything of your masked friend, indian? me s filing that claim ain't gonna do me much good now. what you mean? eh, i lost the gold vein. had a collapse since the last time i saw it. vein must be somewhere. yes, but where? then you dig more.
10:19 am
afraid i can't. like my daughter said, i ain't as young as i used to be. no, you too old for work like that. yeah... what'd ya mean?! too old? look here, indian, i could whip you right now if i had the mind to. don't get scared. i ain't gonna whip you. i'm a friend. you know, i... quickly! i got an idea! blasting powder! get me that blasting powder. put it right there. get me another can. ♪ ♪ open your mouth and i'll kill you. go on. get in there. dad! one move out of
10:20 am
either of you and i'll blast her to bits! drop that gun, indian. why you yellow-livered rat! so this is what made you clam up. struck it rich, huh? joke's on you, ya sniveling skunk. the mine tunnel fell down and hid the vein. there ain't any gold. so you were gonna blast to find it again. why you dirty... shut up or you'll get the same. stay away from him. i'm gonna ask him some questions. please, can't you see he's an old man? not too old to beat this skunk! where were you gonna blast, dingle? that's none of your business, tenderfoot. leave him alone. come on, tell me which tunnel! talk! oh! daddy! daddy! you gonna tell me where to blast, dingle? no! alright, gimme that rope. what are you gonna do? i'm gonna tie up both of you and blast off the front of this mine, and you three with it! come on, give it to me! ♪
10:21 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, i've had enough. not quite, pinky. there's a long sentence awaiting you in a federal prison. yeah? what for? for theft of united states mail. it was ox who did that, not me. you registered a stolen claim belonging to sam dingle. i didn't make that copy. claim jumping is a mighty serious offense, pinky. you're through. what are you gonna do to me? i'm gonna tie you up and keep you here while i
10:22 am
try to keep ox martin from committing the same crime. over to that tree. no!
10:23 am
10:24 am
you can't do this! oh, can i? just watch me. but we can't e co you any more harm! i can! if he'd let me loose for a minute. so you like the great outdoors, eh dingle? well you're gonna be blown right out into it! no! how do you know you can blast for the gold? you were sure enough to start trying, weren't you? ♪ ♪ this'll give you plenty of time to say your prayers. they'll get you for this, ox. you'll pay for it. maybe i will, but by then i'll pay for it with gold. piles of it. it's a motherlode, isn't it, sam? you wouldn't claim anything but the best would you, sam? you're crazy, ox. crazy as a coyote. crazy? maybe i am. but i'm getting something that i always wanted which is more than you can say. ♪
10:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the fuse! that was a narrow escape, tonto. easy, tonto. me feel better, kimosabe. where sam and daughter? we're right here, tonto. oh, you get them eh? good work stranger. we found his partner on the road.
10:26 am
he got here just in time to save us all from being blown up. yes. this ox martin feller is taken with the worst case of gold fever i ever did see. oh we'll take care of him. don't worry. what about sam's claim, sheriff? eh, we'll straighten that out when we get back to the office. on your feet, ox! let's go. fine, now the claim is legally yours. that's where you're wrong, mister, that claim was legally registered to me first. first come, first served. that's the law, ain't it? that's where you made a mistake, ox. you left the envelope that held sam's claim near the stage hold-up. what's the envelope got to do with it? you forgot how the mail service works, ox. the cancelled stamp carried yesterday's date on it. if the mail hadn't have been stolen, sam's claim here would have arrived a full day ahead of pinky's. this masked man here gave us the clue when he left the envelope here to go after you fellows. i'm so glad now you can retire. retire? don't be ridiculous! i'm gonna blast that powder just where we placed it. it's bound to
10:27 am
uncover the gold. folks'll be glad to know there are two less claim jumpers around here. yes, but more important, the man who robbed the united states mail has been caught and will be brought to justice. that'll teach him to interfere with the government mail. well, you have your masked friend to thank for that. why, he's gone! who was he, anyway? you mean to tell me you don't know who the masked man is? no... peggy, your dad has just been helped by none other than the lone ranger. hi-ho silver! away! ♪ ♪hd ♪hd ♪hd
10:28 am
10:29 am
hd ♪ ♪hd the roy rogers show. starring roy rogers, king of the cowboys. triger, his golden, palomino, and dale evans, queen of the west. with pat brady, his comical sideick. and roy's wonder-dog, bullet. ♪ alright, put 'em up! put 'em up, i said. stick 'em up. get 'em up! up, up u... nah, not you bullet. you know if roy and the sheriff had asked me to go along and help round up this here hannon gang they'd have been collecting the reward. roy. he's in a hurry, too. hey roy! am i glad to see you! did you get them, roy? no, but we've got them cornered in dead men's hills at the old silver mine.
10:30 am
say, where'd you put those boxes of ammunition? in the shed. how about the sheriff. is he shot bad? no, he took a bulet in the leg and wouldn't even go to the hospital. he's at the foot of the old mine, directing operations. yeah, i know. dale's gone there. she stopped by here to gt a rifle. dale's gone where? to the ghost town. take some supplies to the sheriff. someone called his wife, and she asked dale... if that hennon gang tries to make a break now they'll come out of there smoking. how long's she been gone? oh, ten, fifteen minutes. well i'll see if i can catch her. you see that the sheriff gets this ammunition in ghost town. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello cliff. where's sheriff wheeler? he's in the saloon, but you shouldn't have come here, miss dale. there's liable to be shooting. the hennon gang! get out of sight! ♪ that's roy rogers!
10:31 am
why don't you look where you're shooting? what's the idea of letting dale come in here? she was asking for the sheriff. i'm sorry i shot at you, but les hennon's got me so jumpy, i see him behind every fence post. you better go to that old tool shack on the other side of the hill. stand guard. maybe you can see him from there. yes, sir. baller, keep an eye on those old buildings up there at the mine. it's a good place to hide. ok, roy. and your wife said you're to have nothing but soup and fruit juices, and take this medicine every two hours. and, oh yes, she said for you to lie down and be perfectly quiet till she can get hold of the doctor. what does she think i'm doing? pitching horse shoes at the sheriffs' picnic? and she shouldn't have sent you here in the first place. get this under your tongue and keep quiet. and don't bite! dale evans, you know better than to come here! that's just what i told her! shh! somebody had to take care of him, roy. now you be quiet and i'll get you a nice warm bowl of soup. well everything seems to be
10:32 am
alright, sheriff. we've got a guard on every deer and cat trail in these hills. all we have to do now is wait until they start craving water. somebody's coming, roy! it's pat brady. well, everybody can relax. reinforcements have arrived. i told you to bring ammunition, not an arsenal! well this stuff ain't for you! why with all of this i can stand off the whole hannon gang alone and single-handed! yeah, i know, but we better stick around just in case you need help. ♪ ♪ looks like there's only one guard. ♪ ♪
10:33 am
what's that? just what we've been waiting on. hennon gang! they're feraking out! oh no you don't! you stay right where you are. here, you sit back down. oh, no gun! ♪ ♪ ♪ keep them busy, pat. i'll stampeed their horses. ♪ ♪ joe -- the horses! ♪
10:34 am
♪ ♪ mack, get back up the hill! ♪ ♪
10:35 am
10:36 am
's so hot in here i'm .
10:37 am
♪ well... nothing to drink but a canteen full'a dust. button yer lip, sam. squawking ain't gonna do any good. how ya doing, kid? i gotta get some water. there's a guard everywhere you look. and you can look everywhere! i wonder why they don't rush us. why should they risk their necks? all they gotta do is sit there like grinning coyotes and wait till we go water-crazy. i'm gonna have a look around. ♪ ♪ look a that water still in that bucket.
10:38 am
that's enough to drive a man crazy. now if we can't have any they're going to do without it, too. dale! get back inside! pat, tell the sheriff i'm going to check on the guards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what are you trying to do? advertise where we are?! i need some water.
10:39 am
we gotta get out of here, and fast. if we could just get that canteen filled, we might be able to fight our way through the guards at the rear and make it across the desert. there's a spring by that old tool shack on the other side of the hill. it's our only chance. joe, you get the gueard down there and thatcher and me will follow you. what about the kid? what about him? he's going fast, hennon. i told you to forget it. we got enough trouble without having him on our hands. ... money.... money... i got... i got more money than anything. and i can buy anything in the world with this money. anything. ♪ ohhh... i'm thirsty. i'm thirsty awful. somebody gimme some water...
10:40 am
somebosy gimme some water. oh, ma. i'm sorry ma. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i almost let you have it. where's cliff norman? i'm his cousin. i'm taking his place. he got stalled at the rafts and couldn't make it. well if you see cliff tell him those outlaws are holed up at the old mine. i sure will. ♪ ♪
10:42 am
♪ come on, sam. let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ cliff norman doesn't have a cousin! ♪ ♪ look! ♪ ♪
10:43 am
♪ hey, they're not throwing rocks, are they? ♪ ♪ ♪ thanks, cliff. are you alright? i'm alright, roy. ♪ ♪ let's get back to the mine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:45 am
10:46 am
sheriff! look what
10:47 am
i found! look at that comb. the castinettes and the shawl. they must have been left here by one of the dancers at the tavern. her name was lolita. before i was married, i used to think she was the most wonderful girl in the world. ♪ but roy, i was staying with dale. and then this earl fowler showed up, craving to rush them outlaws at the mine, and i said we just better see you first. well risking lives isn't the sheriff's idea of a good lawman. yeah, him and me both. what's the matter with you? gun shy? if they shot from up there once, they can do it again, and my ma didn't raise any foolish children. well by all means, after you. shh! why i'm so glad
10:48 am
you've come. how is he, dale? oh, he's terrible. his feaver's sky-high and we've just got to get him to a doctor in a hurry. uhh. well you know the sheriff ain't gonna budge until we round up those outlaws. well i'm afriad there's not much he can say about it this time. we'll take him back to town in that old hay wagon. help me carry him out. stay where you are. but sheriff, we gotta... now listen, roy, i'll go when they job's done. and not before. i'm not wearing this star on my chest just to decorate it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ looks like the end of the trail.
10:49 am
monty's gone and joe ain't come back from the shack yet. here we are slowly dying of thirst. we're like two rats in a trap. gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself and start thinking of a way for us to get outta here. that's a laugh! we're not gonna get out of here and you know it. nobody's gonna keep me holed up. i'll blast my way out! what are you going to do with an old codger like that? i got it! we'll all rush the sheriff, pick him up bodily, and take him... no, pat. that won't do at all. if there were just some way we could get them out of there. ♪ hey. there's a little dynamite planted under the supports of that old mine shed would bring those outlaws sliding right into out laps.
10:50 am
dynamite? yeah, we can get some at the ranger's station. but roy! trying to plant a charge up there is a quick way to commit suicide. i've handled dynamite before. roy. roy! well pat, do something. don't just stand there; stop him! w-well how can i? you know how roy is when he gets hold of an idea. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
♪ well look at that. yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:53 am
hold up! you'll give us a ride if you want to keep on living. si! si, senior! you'll do just as i say, or i'll blow your head off. savvy? madre de dios! do not shoot, senor! i will do as you say! ok, get going. si. andele. ♪ well i don't know where she went. she just locked me in a room and by the time i busted out she was gone, and the wagon with her. well hurry and put this inside and let's go find her. ok, what is it? dynamite. oh, dynamite. ... dynamite?! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ horses galloping> hey, what's the idea? forgive me, senor. i do not know i do anything wrong. i am only on my way to town to sell the hay. there is nothing wrong in going to town to sell the hay, is there? why, no. go right ahead, senorita. si.
10:55 am
roy, you know them outlaws is in that wagon. yeah, i know, but if we'd had made a move they'd have shot dale. yeah, that's what i said. shot dale?! come on. nice work, senorita. just keep going and everything's going to be alright. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yo-de-lady-hoo ♪ yo-de-lady-hoo get along little dogie~♪ hey roy! look what i found! alright you two, get back on that wagon. well sheriff, they boys're taking hannon and thatcher into jail. well that makes me feel better already. i'm glad you got them, roy. we got 'em, sheriff. hey dale, you forgot these. you better bring them, pat. we might need them!
10:57 am
ok! woah, boy! you dad-gum dumb-witted four legged walking glue factory! no wonder you're a horse! ♪ happy trails to you ♪ until we meet again ♪ happy trails to you ♪ keep smiling until then ♪ happy trails to you ♪ till we meet again
10:58 am
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